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easily migrate one forum section to another IPS account?

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Theoretically you could (if you're hosting it on something like a dedicated server or a VPS), duplicate the entire server and use a new license key, then just delete all the old forums.

That could cause some privacy issues potentially depending on where you are.

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I can imagine some crafted SQL queries that could be used to carve out the forum section (from both the topics and posts tables). You could then dump those results into new temporary tables (such as topics_moving and posts_moving)then download those tables to .sql files. Modify those SQL files such that you change the 


line to be

INSERT INTO topics(...)

but just make sure you change the forum id number to be correct as well... The forum section on the new site will almost certainly be different from the existing forum section.

The real trouble will be giving credit to those users who created and responded to the threads. Translating all the user IDs from the older site to the new site which would contain new user accounts would be a nightmare.

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