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StopForumSpam broke my forum - help with MYSQL query

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The plugin from stop forum spam from IPB3 broke my forum after I upgraded to IPS4, it left some fields in the db that now, when some users try to edit their profile, it gives a EX1364 error.

InvisionPower dont give support to 3rd party addons, so I'm alone on this one, since I dont find the guy who did this.

Looking at the error: it shows this:

REPLACE INTO `ibf_core_pfields_content` ( `member_id`, `field_5`, `field_6`, `field_7`, `field_11`, `field_12`, `field_13`, `field_2`, `field_9`, `field_15`, `field_16`, `field_19`, `field_20` ) VALUES ( 254472, '', '', '', '', '', '', '0', '', '', '', '', '' )
IPS\Db\Exception: Field 'sfsMemInfo' doesn't have a default value (1364)

Can I just remove sfsMemInfo from all profiles ? Since the addon is already uninstalled, this will affect my db ? I really dont understand mysql.

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^ This was indeed useful for me.

I migrated my cpanel account to a new server yesterday, which also involved updating from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7 and PHP 7.2->7.3.   No changes to IPS install (4.4.10)

Everything went off without a hitch!  Site back up and running without issue, except apparently nothing was being written to the nexus_customers table when a guest would check out.   This did not affect registered members.

I managed to repro the issue and see the error, which was exactly the above!

IPS\Db\Exception: Field 'sfsMemInfo' doesn't have a default value (1364)

Its really curious this didn't show itself until I moved the server and updated mysql and php.  Its unclear which of those revealed the issue.  In any case, this was a huge help.  Thanks @FabioPaz and @Daniel F (I opted to just drop the columns)

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