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how to bulk email inactive members?


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6 hours ago, superj707 said:

I have a good chunk of inactive members. 20K or so.

Take care, that, in some EU countries, you are not allowed to email members (for advertisement reasons if you act commercially), that are inactive for a specified time period defined by law. In some countries, this is f.e. 1 or 2 years... If you email older members, this could be a privacy/data protection violation in some countries.

So it might be better to PM them with a rule, or, use the "inactive members & real last activity" modification to move them to a different group. Then use the "artificial notifications" mod to notify this group. This won't work for all, but the members that have their email settings switched on (in notification settings) to be informed when a notification or a personal message arrives, will receive an email about the pm...

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