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Downloads NEW notification option PLEASE


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24 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

IPS should do what they dis on IPS 4.2 for deleting and hidr own content, where you can choose apps: 


That would be amazing, they SHOULD do that.

Then we could choose which apps update us.

Thank you :)

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It would be great to see something like on iOS: an Updates page which shows options for updating, with info and dates associated. That way no matter the notifications you have set up there is a canonical list to work through, rather than going to each file separately.

I agree that notifications improvements are needed, though. Actually I think they are needed as a whole, since the notifications settings page has been the same for a while now and I'm not at all confident it works well even for experienced users; although, this is something I should start a new topic for.

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