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How to embed Beam.Pro with silent audio?

Vegan Gaymer

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When I use the side panel to add a live stream panel to my site, I want it to autoplay, but to be silent. All HTML based code for an iframe and the stream code to disable autoplay or audio don't seem to work.

After weeks of searching, I've been told I may need to add custom CSS to support disabling of audio.

I'm not sure if this is something I can ask for here, but I thought I would try. Is there a snippet of CSS I can add to custom.css to allow for disabled audio on embedded streams?

I'm trying to do this for Beam.pro - the basic code is // <iframe src="https://beam.pro/embed/player/661570"></iframe> //  Very simple. But I'm not sure what to add as HTML and/or CSS to make this stream play, but silently.

Can you smart and wonderful people help me? I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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