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you've got such a great contributor community but you don't use it's full potential. I've learned so much from others and I am still willed to return the favour. At some point I noticed that I even forgot the solution I've learnt in the past and I am having a hard time finding the post/threads again.

Why don't you allow users to suggest edits/new posts in the dev docs? Basically a wiki based dev docs page. Obviously it should be moderated by one of your developers to make sure the information make sense to some extent, but it would help us and other developers. At least create an own Guides/Tutorial section for developers. The fact that someone can't edit it's own guide/tutorial thread endlessly is annoying too.

These are things only IPS can change to further improve the peer to peer development support.


By the way I am very thankful for the official developers' support there, that's something what is great. Brandon does always take care of any questions in the gateway section and other sections too if one tags him. He's really a big help when one is really stuck. :wub::wub:

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