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Moderate Updated Content (Support Topic)


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This plugin hides/unapproves content after a member edits it. Set what kind of content will require moderation again and which forums they are in. As well as which groups can bypass moderation.

v1 Features:

  1. Moderated content will re-appear in the approval queue in the ModeratorCP.
  2. Set which content items will require approval again. Such as topics, posts, blog entries, download files, download comments etc..
  3. Set in which forums topics and posts require approval again.
  4. Set which member groups are exempt from updated content moderation.



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21 minutes ago, Michael.J said:

There was just a little delay before IPS approved the update. The IPB 4.5 version is now available in the IPS Marketplace too.


Thank you for getting back. I noticed it and have already purchased the plugin and its been working great!

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On 5/26/2021 at 2:33 AM, James101 said:

@Michael.J - Hi, I noticed that I don't have an option to choose which forums will this plugin should work. It just gives me an option for content type and exempt groups - http://prntscr.com/13ejh2m

It should trigger the forums setting if either the post or topic options are checked. If you check the post setting, does it then appear?

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