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Make 'external' links external to domain


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I was advised to post in here because my enquiry about this issue wasn't anything that could be resolved in a ticket.

Since 2002 my forums installation has been in domain/forums/ and I'd like to keep it like that.

I want links to other websites to open in a new tab (I have set it to force this in Posting/Links), but I want links inside the same domain to open in the same tab. Now with that setting if I link to anything outside the /forums/ on my same domain then it forces 'external' to be put into the link and thus such links open in a new tab/window. Apparently this behaviour is decided by the board URL in the conf_global.php and there doesn't seem to be anything in-between which might be tweaked to change it to work with domain instead of domain/forums/

I'd be happy with a little hack if anyone can think of one, but I'd prefer a setting.

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