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Stripe & Automatic Billing (Commerce)


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Upgrading from 3.4 to 4.1.  Have a bunch of paypal subscriptions which seem will go over.  Going forward however I did want to move away from Paypal and looking at Stripe.

I know with paypal we now have the Paypal Billing Agreement for subscriptions, however do we have that integration with Stripe?

I do have it connected to Stripe and was able to do a single purchase in the sandbox, BUT... is there automatic renewals built into the payment gateway?  Stripe obviously does support it.





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Hi Max,

If you have enabled it when setting up Stripe in Commerce, users will see a checkbox to "save card details" - if they do this, any renewal charges will automatically be charged to that card.

This is much more flexible than PayPal's approach as it means you can change the terms (for example, if the customer upgrades or downgrades their purchase), the customer doesn't have to set up multiple "Billing Agreements" for multiple purchases, and you can issue manual charges against the card for any one-off fees or charges.

- Mark

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