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Help w/ blogs widget that lists blog owner downloads files


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Widget for Blogs app @newbie LAC

  • Lists files (in downloads app) uploaded to downloads by blog owner.
  • screen shot for each file
  • by author for each file (name of file up-loader)
  • title of each file
  • price of each file
  • star rating for each file and comment count
  • each file links to the main page for that file (just like in downloads how the previews link to main file page)


Essentially it's just like the widget IPS already gives us for downloads only difference is it is used on the blogs page and shows downloads files for blog owner. See screen shot. I crossed off some things for privacy but you get the idea. The blue lines to not mean skip.. they are just hiding private info.  This mod should look just like screen shot but without blue lines of course.

It's just a way for each blog owner to market their own files in downloads.


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