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1 Huge Opportunity Missed


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Imagine if members were motivated to advertise your site on your behalf without being paid to do so?

You would want that right? We can make this happen! How?

Well, people who contribute to downloads do so because they want to sell things in the Market Place and make money.

Right now there is no good way for them to advertise their business! Personalize something for these people PLEASE!

Consider Adriano, a very prolific developer. Suppose he wanted to market all his great mods somewhere else, suppose some IPB focused site.(IPB_fansite.com for example)

Adriano has:

  • no personal market place list or store front to share
  • no personalized link to his contributions he can share
  • no clean small url to share.
  • not only no personal market place but also no personalized market place (by personalized I mean he should be able to decorate and make it look like his shop, that dark side of the moon logo would look nice there ;) )

I propose that we make Adriano feel HE is running a personalized business here. HE needs to feel a sense of ownership and HE needs to be empowered to advertise his efforts if he wanted to do so.

How about this:

  • a simple url: invisionpower.com/Adriano_Faria (could be profile page with download files front and center)
  • How about a store front with only his products that he can share: invisionpower.com/files/Adriano_Faria  (would showcase all things contributed by Adriano)

Now with the above suggestions if Adriano wants to pay for a banner ad or just link drop somewhere he has some GREAT tools available. He also feels like he's running a personal business.

My members are desperately begging me for some kind of solid landing page and URL they can use to market their business! After all they don't want to market everyone's business, just their own. Maybe they don't even feel like they have a business, which is a problem. See what I mean? It's about fostering a sense of personal ownership!

Please IPB Gods make this happen.

Before you offer me this https://invisionpower.com/profile/114025-adriano-faria/content/?type=downloads_file just stop and look at that URL. Does that feel personal to you?

It's not user friendly and most people don't know it exists and would have no way of finding out that it exists.

We can do better.



(Thanks in advance @Adriano Faria for using you as an example here, it's only out of respect for your hard work)

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I like your idea and I would add to it.  We need an Invision Power version of Kickstarter for plug-ins and add-ons. How would @Adriano Faria know what there is a need for out there?  Most of us smaller sites can't afford to front $500 to get a developer to create an app, but I know I would like a place to submit ideas and pre-bid on an app. That way he, or any other developer out there could gauge the amount of interest in an app.  The suggestion submitter should be able to choose which developer offer gets the job, and the developer would get to sell the app on the marketplace once development is done.  

For example, I'd really like a Google News Sitemap mod and would be willing to pay say, $20 for it. I have no idea how many other people would like it and neither do developers. 

There is a severe Chicken-Egg problem here with a disconnect between those of us who run sites and the developers who create the mods.

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