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Members Teams (Support Topic)

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Setup teams that your members can become fans of and display that in the members team widget.

v1 Features:

  1. Upload as many teams as you want through the admin.
  2. Set which member groups can view and select member teams.
  3. Profile hook that displays a members selected team.
  4. Register hook that allows members to select their team when signing up.
  5. The select team page can use an image grid, radio list or dropdown for each team.
  6. Topic hook displays a members selected team when they post.
  7. Both horizontal and vertical widgets supported. With the ability to limit and sort teams how you want.


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On 24/04/2017 at 10:59 PM, Unlucky said:

Does a new member have to select a team on signup or can they bypass it?

IE -  if their team is not listed does it default to whatever team is showing in the list?

Good point, it should really provide an empty option on the registration page otherwise the first team would be selected. I'll note this as a bug, can provide a patch if needed.

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19 hours ago, vpatrickd said:

Do you have a demo?

Does all members have to select a team? Can I customize which member groups can select?
Also, does each 'team' have its own 'page' to list its members? What sort of info do one get when someone 'follows' a team?

I've sent you a PM with demo board.

No, members do not have to select a team. Yes, group permissions for who can see and select teams are part of the plugin settings.

No, there's no single team page like that.

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I also agree that there should be an option to choose no team by default.

I also believe that there should be a setting in the ACP to disabled the option to choose a team when registering as I'd prefer members to select a team later

It's no displaying on my profile, I'm using 4.2:cry:


Cool plugin, good work :thumbsup:

Edited by Lucas James
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23 hours ago, Ernest_Defoe said:

I have a question and hopefully you can answer it. I am trying to setup the teams and your description says you can setup unlimited teams but when I go to add them it says I can only upload 50 images. I need to be able to do close to 65. Am I doing something wrong?

Do you have ftp access to your IP.Board files? If so, I can give you some instructions to increase that limit.

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@Mike John would you please add the ability to see who fans have selected as supporting via the ACP please? (just noticed you can't via the front end when using the edit profile tool).

I'd also love to see this converted into an app so that there's more control over it. I am fearing what happens if a team ends up being relegated since currently I only focus on the English pro leagues.

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On 1/5/2018 at 11:35 AM, Joey_M said:

@Mike John would you please add the ability to see who fans have selected as supporting via the ACP please? (just noticed you can't via the front end when using the edit profile tool).

As in displaying the team selection in the edit member form in the acp? Or did you mean a separate page for listing teams and their fans?

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Thanks Michael.

I'm hopeful that the interest in this will grow enough to warrant the app conversion you mentioned awhile back. I love the plugin, but the potential of this step is huge and probably a lot easier to manage/update.

There's about 4/5 new badge updates this season and it's daunting to replace the whole lot in order to fix this.

Of course then, I'd have to patch the selected teams by manually adding people's choices back.

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On 6/7/2018 at 1:15 PM, Merlls said:

Its possible to separate who can select and who can see teams instead of both in just one option? I want customize a few member groups to select but I want all groups to see it. 

I'll note this for the next version.

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On 12/31/2018 at 11:47 AM, Bocar said:

Only one question : is it allowed to choose many teams for members (as much we want) ?

As in how many teams each member can select? If so, no it will only support 1 team selection per member.

On 1/2/2019 at 8:00 AM, Bocar said:

Refering to this picture, I assume this is not possible yet.

That display can be selected from the plugin settings.

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