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minimum access member group (for really bad members)


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I have a  problem with a group of 10 members who are probably co-workers or known to each other

who are trying  (for the past 1  1/2 year ! ) to deliberately cause trouble (and doing it for fun)

our forum is a parents forum so its really absurd why, or who, or how they find the time.(!)

Anyhow, i would like to create a usergroup to put them in 

where they will have absolute minimum ability to  

either   rate, like, post , comment,  etc. 

Do you perhaps have experience with how to handle (technically with the features of ips 4.1  i mean)

this kind of members? 

i have first of all closed all new member comments for approval first, so if i ban them they will have no other way in again. 

but because i am sure they will find a way if i ban them completely, i must give them this little window of posting something. 


(imagine today they went and liked about 50 posts (each others posts) to gain more  "reputation" as if this wasnt visible from admins.  ?

We are an ngo so we cant afford volunteers to spend time worrying about those members. 

i know i can reset reputation etc etc,   but the best for me is  a group with VERY restricted permissions. 

do you have examples of how to combine things to create such a group? 

also, what would be best practice to do. 

issue a warning and have them automatically get into that group ? 

this group isnt for everyone, its for these specific group of members...    

? any ideas ???? 

thank you in advance!!

also, can i prevent a usergroup or certain users from using alltogether the  status  update  + status reply ????

 @Adriano Faria  do you have any ideas ??? 


i found this where there are instructions on how to disable messenger for certain group id  




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Oh! I must add this picture,  i found how to    disable status updates and disable messages .  

its a setting for each individual member. 



in group settings, there i found some other restrictions i was searching for. 

right now, i will do it manually , i.e.  put certain members 

in this new group that has everything possible  restricted  (not as secondary, but as a main group, ... is that wrong?)

and additionally each member gets member restrictions, to only post after aproval. 

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