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API questions and paypal donation option


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I did as you told me I needed to do prior. Here is a quote from another ticket.


Hello Mary,

You can certainly still use Paypal as a payment method within Commerce. What my colleague is referring to is a previously offered product of Paypal called IPN, this was something only available on version 3 of our software and is not longer available on version 4 because we upgraded it to use their new API to "talk" to Paypal.

Unfortunately though, your Paypal is not setup correctly to continue using it as a paypal method and you will need to update it by following the directions at: https://invisionpower.com/4guides/suite-applications/commerce/getting-the-basics/creating-payment-methods-r181/

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Jim M.
Invision Power Services, Inc."


I did everything the site instructions as me to do. I then went into my admin area on my forum. I did all the steps the instructions say to do.

Since I am not trying to sell goods, just asking for donations for our charity. I also made a goal. Put it on our site, and clicked on it. It popped up a warning.

What am I doing wrong?

How can I just make a simple donation button that works? 

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I do it by using a basic Product in the Commerce section.

Product Settings should be Normal Product, then name "Website Support" or "Donation" something like that. It's not physical, and do not associate.

Pricing is whatever you want. Set renewals if you want.

I also use a Donator group which has upgrades on certain things like signatures, editing, advertising reductions, and a special donator forum. That's up to you though. You can set a group in "Store & Purchase Settings".

After you've done that, you then setup paypal.

Obviously, the first thing you need is a paypal account.

Then you follow the below to setup the API connection. It used to be much easier but following the below will get it to work.

Just note you do have to setup a "sandbox" account first (which isn't shown in the section above). The rest is the same though.

Once you've done that, people will be able to buy the "donation product" and pay through paypal.

You can obviously link the store page for the item in the navigation bar, in your signature, as a sidebar HTML link, or as a picture link.

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