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Minimize like button area in the news homepage in mobile

Matt C.

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I think it would be a great idea to minimize the like button area in the news homepage in responsive because the list of everyone who liked the article covers the "Continue reading" button. I think that is way more useful than everyone who liked the article. 


If you look towards the bottom of the image, you can see what I mean. I think that a good solution would be to make the list slide out when you click an arrow "<" next to the like button. 

Here is a crude mockup that I did on my phone (don't have access to a laptop at this very moment) but I think it gets the point across. 


Thank you! 

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2 hours ago, Jim M said:

This looks more like a bug. As these likely should separate to new lines in mobile. Thanks for reporting, I'll pass this along internally.

You're welcome, if it helps this on Android 7.0 and Google Chrome 57.

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