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Disallow Indexing of Profiles Pages?


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5 minutes ago, opentype said:

“Good idea” in regards to what goal? 

Preventing thousands of profiles from being indexed with little to nothing with value in them? I'm not very sure, I see it as if Google wouldn't want them..

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1 minute ago, opentype said:

It’s about what you want, not what Google wants. 

Indexed profiles can certainly generate traffic. But your users might not want to show up in Google searched for their (user-) name. But that depends on your site. 

I don't really mind if they are indexed. I just see them and think that maybe indexing profiles would hurt the website's SEO. But I could be wrong.

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4 minutes ago, opentype said:

I wouldn’t know why that should hurt ranking. 

Because profiles typically do not hold "quality" content like a topic would.

And considering we have more members than topics, seems a bit off. 

I don't know :sweat:

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