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One User Getting Error 2F173/H...help!

Stacey Harmon

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Hello -

I have recently deployed IP board and integrated it with my WP member site. I thought I had it working perfectly. For all current members, except one, the process of logging into my WP site (running WishList member), successfully created a IP Board forum member with the same credentials and allowed for a seamless transition between my WP site and IP Board. But, not for one user. He has the correct credentials in WishList and no trouble accessing the WP site, but when he tries to access the forum, he gets an "Error 2F173/H" message. 

We tried the following to resolve:

  1. Have him log out of WP, and then log back in.
  2. We reset his WP password and had him try to log in.
  3. He tried logging in from a different browser.

All resulted in the same issue. He gets that error message and can't see the forum. Any advice for me on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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