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We're happy to use solutions from this great community and more happy we're when we're finish the most changes we need for our business.

Also we have great support from some members here, without them we can't start our business, so best thanks to all contributors which help us to get started. 
Also all members which provide great hooks and applications and themes here on IPB.

A friend want to start a online game store for second hand products. Also he's selling some new games and game consoles. 
Till yet his business only can be found on eBay and amazon, so we're got started to find solutions with which we can realise some features.
So we would like that members can sell us their products and got their money directly when the members using PayPal.
They can view the current status from the "rebuy" (<- rebuy describe what we're meaning but cause the company "rebuy" we don't want to use this name for this feature.)
And some other features.
Perhaps here someone has a idea for alternate name. 

So here in Germany we have two big company's where people can sell games, first "GameStop" and "rebuy"
GameStop don't provide online selling and rebuy hasn't the best price offers for their members. 
So we hope we could build up a game community where the member also can sell and buy great products. 

Here in Germany there are lot of things not easy, so we need lot's of changes.
As we got started we don't thought about that there so much things which need changes.
The reason why I'm writing here is only to share our experience.

First thing on commerce we love is the easy grid layout.
Also this community to realise our project with great hooks and applications. (Sorry I need to repeat it :D )

Important changes here in Germany are the different tax values.
Our prices include gross, but the included tax need to show up on on cart and on the invoice. 
IP.Board add the tax to the cart and invoice. So it's important to change this.
Second hand products have different tax and the tax are not shown up on invoice or cart. But there need a notice that the tax is included and are different. 

We had got a great "dhl shipping" integration, so we can easy create shipment labels that our products can fastly ship to our members. 
This is one of the important things, that member can get their products fastly without big problems, so our logistic need to work smoothly.

We're hoping that invision will provide search for products on store. 

It would be also great if invision would provide to customise the invoice number and include the "sku number" to the products for internal features. 

When we're online I want here to list all changes with pictures and descriptions, (only when our contributors will accept this :) ) 

Perhaps someone know stores like this, perhaps we talk about some features or perhaps someone would also be interested to this project, so we want stay also a open community for our members. 

greetings Dan

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We had take a look to classifieds before we had looked for a contributor, but classifieds is more for members which wants to sell to other member, we want to buy the products from our members and resell the items :)
So best thanks to @HeadStand, @DawPi and @DesignzShop 

I had read here, that some users would like to see more online stores with IPB,

here some pictures:








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