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Off site image hosting


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I've got increasingly uncomfortable with using the file attachment feature on IPS - it seems that on a big forum its almost impossible to monitor or scrutinise what is being saved on your server or what is happening to it.  What if - e.g. - users started to use it for saving/trading CP or other illegal content, which would end up saved on my server.  The liability issues are not trivial.  

However, the user community haven't taken nicely to the suggestion that their ability to simply attach photos with one click to a post should be taken away.  A hardcore simply wont accept that uploading to Imgur and then cut and pasting the image link is an acceptable substitute.

Are there any solutions out there that might be implemented to allow one-click image off site image hosting - https://postimage.io/site-plugins/ seems to have been implemented for a load of board software but not IPS yet? Its something I'd be willing to pay for access to if enabled...

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