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How to embed Wistia Videos on Forum's topics?

Deirdre Morris

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I have many videos hosted on Wistia ready to be included in my private forum, and would like to embed them for my members.

I've tried copying/pasting all the embed codes provided by Wistia, the direct link, etc. but nothing seems to work.

I found this topic but the file to be downloaded is no longer there.

Can anybody please help? Is it possible yet to embed Wistia videos?

Thanks in advance,

Deirdre M.

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Pardon what might be a naive question, but when you copy/pasted the embed codes did you click the Source button in the editor window so that you can enter HTML directly?

That's how I've embedded all sorts of things in the past and never had a problem.  I went to Wistia (about which I know nothing), and it appears they're a closed (paid) service, so I can't test out embedding on my own site.  I ran a search on "Wistia" here though, and tried embedding one of the links I found.  I got a "Cannot load Video. This video is unavailable" message, which means that the connection is working at least.

But if you enable the Source button in the editor, click it, enter your HTML embed code, then click Source again to return to your editor window, you should see the embed appear in your post before you submit it (if you have access).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help @liquidfractal.

I've already tried this and all I get is a blank space where the video is supposed to be. The code remains there in the 'Source' of the post, but the Wistia video doesn't show. Vimeo and Youtube videos show just fine.


UPDATE: It works if you select the 'Fallback' embed code...




Have a good one!

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