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Can you fix the menu active state oversight?


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I've mentioned it a few times in the past. And with 4.2 coming along I thought I might try again. Who knows maybe it will be done.

Basically. Customization in the menu manager is decent but needs more flexibility. This flexibility can be gained by adding a new option, Like external link. But for internal links. We really need a way for the system to recognise when it is an internal site link and then show an active state when on that page.

How this affects me?? My site is focused around 4 forums. Homepage as one then a link to the rest. I do not use the forum lists as it does not fit what my site is. So therefore, I have to use the menu manager. I just find it odd and an oversight that I cannot link a forum in a menu and have it highlight when I'm on that page or in a topic within that forum.

Workarounds I managed to fix this with really impact loading speeds since I needed a lot of menu items. So a default solution would be much appreciated!

I see this as something that, should be default.

p.s - you guys always do a good job... well done on 4.2 announcements.

p.p.s - I am aware that I can do what I want if its a pages module or an app. But not if it exists in the system. Forums, profiles etc!

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CJ Menu, has a feature in it if it is linked to the forum app called "Attach Categories" that it will automatically create the links to all your forums+ sub boards, and they will "activate" when browsing that forum and its topics. 


you can see it in action here on my site (take note, that isn't the "primary" menu i'm using for it, i'm using instead the Header menu that is included in CJ Menu).

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