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I wasn't sure where exactly to post this because I'm already a client with multiple licenses. I am however, thinking of using IPS to manage some clients on a server after seeing some of the commerce functions built in on one of my sites. I don;t see many topics on this and the IPS Guide is empty  https://invisionpower.com/4guides/suite-applications/commerce/selling-managing-hosting/

Where can I find some documentation on what the features are? I see domain purchasing, monitoring, cpanel integration, etc. Is anyone using IPS to manage client hosting and websites? Any info and examples of sites that are using it would be appreciated, You can PM if you don't want to post a site publicly. i am trying to make a determination on what platform to go with and I like IPS and am used to it, but am concerned there isn't much out there (could be wrong).

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I am also looking for answers around this. I am currently using WHMCS but want to switch to using the hosting and support options in IPS. Its really hard to find anything about it. As noted above even the documentations is missing. 

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