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Databases: Date field doesn't display Time


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When using the "Date" field type in databases and enabling "Allow time input", this allows users to enter a time as well as the date for their entry, but when displaying it, only the date is displayed, and the time is nowhere to be seen. There is no information available anywhere online (that I could find T_T) on how to actually display the time as well.

Can anyone help? :(


Attached images for context:

This is a database field - Type: Date, with Allow Time input enabled


In the display options, using any of the premade view formats yields the same result. In this example, we selected the one seen below:


This is what users see when creating an entry:


But when the entry is created, the time is not shown anywhere:



We just want the time to also be displayed next to (below, w/e :D) the Date.

Thanks in advance ^^


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