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Allowed File Extensions (Simplified)


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While using the "Allowed File Extensions" I noticed that it is somewhat involved, depending on how many files you are working with, it can be to list the files that are allowed to be used within a community.

Here is what I mean, say I want to allow all files of type in our community, except for two, or three. Well, I have to add all those files that we allow to be uploaded into our community. That's a whole lot of typing.

But what if we had a choice such as two boxes we could check before listing the file types.

Check one box for "Allowed File Extensions"

Or check one box for "File Extensions Not Allowed"

This way if I wanted to be able to use most file extensions, I could then check the box "File Extensions Not Allowed" and only have to list the 3 or 5 file types that we do not allow, instead of how it is now, we have to list the hundred or so file types we do allow.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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