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Idea - Improve Communications WithIn - ACP & MCP


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So here what I'm seeing. If I want to communicate with an Admin, I would use 3 ways.

1 - Admin Notes (Problem All Admin See it - No way to really directly to a specifically Admin within the ACP.)

2 - PM Admin - In the from end. (I think the front end PM's are best for other things than Admin stuff when you have to switch between front and back ends)

3. Admin Only Forum - Post stuff for Admins but it sort of weird when trying to work on the back end when there a front end forum.

If 4.2 could have a way to maybe access PM with in the back end within the ACP are if the Admin Notes Box can be allow to send notes to other Admins with in the back end ACP are some way to give it specifically to a Admin than all of them.

This goes similar for Moderators, having some type of Mod Notes for all Mods to see when with in the Mod Control Panel area as well as a way to sent quick notes to Mods that can see them while with in the MCP area would be helpfully. 

Communication has grown a bunch from IPB 3, but this small problem about going to another system to access a message than going back to the respected area is than trying to remember what was said are noted to you. If something like this to added are just improve to see items with in each respected area that would help communities I think.

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