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Is such a thing doable with IP.Pages and its comments?


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Hi, guys, since 4.2 looks very promising I'm starting to think about improvements I could make on my community forum and I thought of such a thing.

Since I run a gaming community there are dedicated topics to each upcoming new game, where people post their thoughts and sometimes post copies of new articles regarding a certain game. And all of that is just crammed into one topic. Its kind of good but not entirely.

So I wonder is such a thing possible. To take IP.Pages app, and lets say I set up a Games News article category where news articles are posted by those with permission to do so AND when somebody is posting a game-news article - he can enter the forum topic ID of that game topic which already exists. And then when a new articles gets posted then also a new reply is automatically made in that particular forum topic by the name of the person who posted the article originally. His post should either contain default set text like "A new article has been posted "new details revealed about bla" and a link is given to the article. AND when people ar viewing that article they can comment BUT their comments END UP AS REPLIES in the original forum game topic.

And only those comments made under the article are shown under the article (not previous posts in the same topic and not new posts made directly in that topic). Its kind of like extract under the article which are only related to a posted news article issue. Only thing is I do not know if article comments can pull topic replies from the database and wrap them up in comment-like appearance. So there would be no duplication in a sense of comments stored in the database as opposed to comments-made-under-the-article-but-really-they-are-topic-replies. Basically that I'm trying to say that the same comment should or could not be stored into the comments database table and then be copied to forums replies database table. But rather comment gets put as forum topic reply but just displayed as a comment.

That was a mouthful for me.


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You can link your Pages database to a forum. Then every new game article gets a forum topic with a link to the article. The comment system is then mirrored. Every comment will be saved in the forum topic, but also show under the article. 

But you can’t link an article to an existing forum topic. Those topics are created with the article. 

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