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"No Database Selected" error during installation


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I'm trying to do a fresh installation of IPS Community Suite on my local machine.  Here's what I do:

  1. I extract the ips_786f4 folder from the "March_23_2017 IPS Community Suite.zip" file.
  2. I copy the content of that folder to an Apache web accessible folder.  So that /admin, /api, etc. are at the document root.
  3. I load up localhost in my browser.  This shows a page with the "Start Installation" button - see the attached step1.png
  4. I click the button and I immediately see the page with the error shown in step2.png

It looks like the php code should be calling mysqli_select_db() or mysqli::select_db(), but I could not find any such code with a full text search of the source code.  How is IPS Community Suite supposed to know which database to use?

I did get some mysql errors when I tested using the ips4.php script, attached.

I have had MySQL installed on this machine for a long time and have used it with a lot of other php software.  It looks like it uses the php mysqli extension?  I have also attached a simple mysqli script that I used to confirm that mysql/mysqli works on my machine.  It successfully prints that 10 rows were found from my "animals" table.





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Thanks for your help, that fixed it!  The installer completed successfully.

It's strange because the installation instructions say not to do this:


It is important to note that when you upload to your web server, you are not uploading the folder itself. You are instead uploading the contents of that folder. To illustrate this, I have highlighted what I will be uploading in this guide below.

Oh well.  Thanks again.


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