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iOS devices - full desktop version


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I just migrated to 4.x (yay!), but some of my users complain that it is not possible to switch to the full website (i.e. expanded menu, logo, etc) even though their devices can handle the resolution. There is an option in Safari to request desktop version here:





But it doesn't work, the menu is still collapsed. Unfortunately I don't have an iOS devices, so I only pass feedback, but is this as intented? For other websites, my users don't report similar issue and it is easy to switch to desktop version.  

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IPS4 uses a responsive theme by default, meaning it'll adapt to the screen size available. Safari's 'request desktop site' feature doesn't get around this (it works by pretending it's a desktop browser - but even a desktop browser will show the responsive theme if the window is small enough).

Firstly, I would try and assess why your users feel they need the desktop view on a phone. The responsive view has all of the same content and functionality available, so they aren't missing out on anything :) You may find you can just put their mind at ease without needing to make any changes, once they understand they're seeing the real site still.

If you want to entertain their request, there's two options:

  • You can disable responsiveness completely for your theme (but this means no users will get the more appropriate mobile view on those devices)
  • You can duplicate your theme and turn off responsiveness on that duplicate
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