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Using Pages on Mobile/Tablet


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As I'm setting up a pages front page for my site, I thought it would be handy to be able to add articles while on the move, but the 'Add New record' button doesn't show on my devices. Is it not possible to create posts/articles on a mobiles/tablets? Or have I missed a setting? I tried searching around for an answer but couldn't find one. Button goes when it hits the 970px (or what ever the resolution is).

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24 minutes ago, opentype said:

It’s hidden via CSS, defined in the templates. 

But that’s a nice solution: 


Thanks mate, missed that plugin... I don't understand why this isn't default on a mobile view, or a button to be added on the mobile view. Hope silly things like this are corrected in 4.2 - We shouldn't have to rely on plugins for this sort of basic features.

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