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Know any notable solution examples made with PAGES module?


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Hi guys, I'm starting to plan ahead and start collecting ideas for my big community upgrade with upcoming 4.2 version. I've been out of touch with IPS and its products since version 4 started.

I have a portal made with Wordpress and forum with all the modules from IPS. Now I'm starting to think perhaps it would be a good idea to ditch WP in favor for IPS Pages addon. BUT the thing is that Pages was the addon which I knew the least about during 3.4.x era and I know even less now.

Can anyone show me any good examples or communities which took advantage of Pages module and made a nice and functional implementation of a "portal"?

BTW I run a gaming/consoles/PC community.


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Here's about 1000 pages of static content in IPS pages. Initially static HTML, it was imported into WordPress and IPS services converted it when they converted the forums. It took some manual cleanup, but the structure and content came in OK.


It's part of a pretty robust portal. Some content is premium, but feel free to PM me for credentials, or to answer an questions.



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