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Menu Manager Dropdown Menu Re-order Problems


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I'm having some problems with the Menu Manager.

I am using several drop-down menus. The main tab (which activates the drop-down) is linked to the home page. I don't see any option to link it anywhere else (like the parent forum of the forum the drop-down tabs point to).

For example, I have a drop-down configured like this:

Forums (main navigation tab, which goes to all forums)

--- All About Turkey (this is supposed to go to the parent forum ("All About Turkey" but it is going to the home page)

   --- Living in Turkey (this is supposed to go to the parent forum ("Living in Turkey" but it also goes to the home page)

      --- Animals

      --- Cable and Satellite Television

      --- Driving

      --- Etc... etc... etc...

So to work around the problem, I added links under the drop-downs labeled "All Forums" which are "external links" going to the parent forums I actually want to target with the main drop-down tabs "All About Turkey" and "Living in Turkey").

But now I have another problem. When I add a tab to these drop-downs, then move them from the bottom to the top, then publish the menu, these tabs appear back at the bottom again. Then when I re-visit the menu manager, they are back at the bottom there, too.

Here are my questions:

3. Is there a way to either cause the parent tabs of the drop-down menus point to the parent forum they are serving, or make them null so I don't have all of these linked to the home page?

2. What might be causing the sorting of tabs in the menu manager to malfunction?

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