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Improvements to Status Messages and Profiles


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I really want to have more control over status messages. For example, I want to allow my members to post status messages, but I don't want them to be able to post messages on other member's profile pages. It would be great if admins and/or users could get the option to either allow or deny other users to post status messages on their profile page. 

It would also be helpful if admins could be able to decide a character/word limit before the content of status messages was cut off and replaced with a read more link. Because at the moment status messages can be really long, which is especially annoying when viewing the activity stream.

I would also like to see improved profile pages with more control over the sidebar and what is shown there. For example, I would like to be able to see which members I follow, as well as which members that follows me. 

Also, when I create a new album in the gallery and upload a bunch of photos in one go, it would look better if the images were all displayed together in one entry, instead of separately as they are today.  

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