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Social sign in - still want additional info

Square Wheels

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I get an insane number of spam attempts.  I currently have email and admin validation setup.  I also have a required "Occupation" field on the registration form.  It's a fairly unique field and easy to tell when a spammer puts in a made up occupation, it's helped weed a few more out.

I currently do not have any social sign ins turned on.

If I were to turn them on, can I still do admin validation AND can I still have one or more custom fields on registration that I can use to help authenticate the user?


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you can use the Two Factor Authentication that would be on the sign up forum and to turn on social sign  like facebook twitter and google you would have to create the application from those website and than go back to your forums and turn these on in the Login Handlers make sure you input the key codes that way it will call back to your forums if you run into any issues with google i can guide you threw that most dont know how to make it work

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