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Help plugin: translation, CSS, developer mode...


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I'm writing a IPS plugin.

I have a theme hook like this:

<a href="#">{lang="mas_mark_as_solved"}</a>

And a lang.php file:

$lang = [
	'mas_mark_as_solved' => 'Mark as solved'

I have issues with this:

1. The link displays "Mark as solved" only in developer mode. Try to delete datastore content folder, clear cache, the same is always here. How can I do to have the link displaying new text update? This also applies for others updates.

2. Why default theme is not the same in developer mode as in normal mode ? Because of this, I cannot edit the CSS correctly because when I switch from developer mode to normal mode, there are new classes which appears (which are not present in developer mode) on few elements. 

In developer mode:


In normal mode (style change???? new class "ipsContained_container"??? Why not the same result? Impossible to work in developer mode correctly so...):


3. How can I translate "Mark as solved" in french? If possible, I want to write in plugin folder a variable/file with the words translated from english to french so I can versionning. I try with translation tool in admin area, but when after I make the change, nothing appear and when I reload the page, I have no change, always english.

Thanks for help.

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