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Is there a chance IPS can add release patches to the front dashboard on AdminCP, maybe as a widget? I've always missed released patches unless I look for them. I happened to come across the latest 4 simply because I wanted to refresh the cache.

Having it on the dashboard like Latest IPS NEWS would be very much welcomed!

    System check passed

    You are running the latest version, but there are known issues:

    An issue has been identified where certain hooks may stop working on 4.1.19. If you are having problems with some third party plugins or applications, upload this file:

    If you are encountering problems with services that rely on outbound connections such as Sparkpost, Gravatar, RSS Imports etc please upload the following files:

    If you are encountering an issue where the "Recalculating members' content count" background process never finishes, please upload the following file:

    If you encounter an issue where not all forums are displayed when attempting to split posts or perform other similar actions, please upload the following file:


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Yes patches are really only a concern if you are experiencing that specific issue. When you run the support tool in the AdminCP it will show you available patches there.

Version 4.2 does introduce a more intelligent patching system where it will not only show you available patches like it does now but also know if you have installed them. It will also allow for new downloads to automatically contain patches.

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