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any tricks to make cloudflare work on all but 1 page?


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Cloud Flare is great, but I had to turn it off because it has a 100MB single file upload limit.

I am using IPS downloads app and files need to be allowed larger than 100MB

My idea is that I could use CloudFlare on all pages of my site except the market place page. Cloudflare  allows dns records to setup such that a sub domain can be bypassed while other pages are cached. But I don't know how to setup IPS downloads so that my market place is on a sub domain.

Any ideas at all how I can still use cloudflare?

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I think you may try to create little hack:

  1. Create some domain, which will free of cf, but see same document root folder.
  2. Write nginx rule with detect POST type with params commentform_.. and/or other params from form inputs.
  3. Write rewrite to second free domain if nginx detect download.
  4. IPS might this post from other domain clear (because you rewrite correct csrf and other params) and return answer with correct domain (because base domain not changed in the settings).

It's theory, but I dont' see any problems for working. csrf - ok, cookies - rewrited with other form params and other headers. If some part of forum detect incorrect incoming domain - then you simply can change this param in fastcgi setting, when free domain pass request to nginx backend.

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