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Site settings-post to a Facebook group + profile fields


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So we would like the option to allow posting topics or posts to Facebook, but specifically to our Facebook group, rather than their own individual member feed.

Ie the standard setting can be left to allow member to post to their own feed, but an additional setting added to enable posting updates or new topics to the group setting be added.

Plus it overrides the individual feed posting.

So that users can have an option to post to FB, but only our group. Just to ensure this better supports our forums with FB.

The other item we would like is for registrations from Facebook that the individuals details are pulled into their forums account/profile, ie First Name, Location and other custom fields we want like "vehicle" BEFORE they can submit. If this isn't possible, that these member account fields MUST be filled out BEFORE they can have their registration sent thru (then Admin approval etc). Cheers

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I had a further think, what we would really like is for any member posting in our facebook group, being able to opt to also post the topic to the forum with their linked forums account?

It just would help drive FB group members back onto the forum too... then we would like any replies on the forum (or FB Group) to flow back to the other side, ie post on the forum, appears back in the group, posts in the FB group, back to the forum on that topic, like a topic link or echoing output from one to the other?

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