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Browse and delete attachments in bulk in AdminCP


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Recently I have discovered that thousands of attachments images of my community were severely corrupted by the Smush it plugin of version 3.4.

On AdminCP we can browser all attachments on ACP > System > Files.

It's a great feature, but it could be improved.

There is no bulk delete option and no option to remove the attachment alias from the posts that are linked to it.

And there is no way to set how many attachments to browse per page.

Many problems can happen to attachments, and a better administration system is very appreciated.

In my case, it's nearly impossible to solve the issue without a better administration panel. It is human impossible to visit thousands os posts, delete the attachment link and them delete the attachment itself. It would take ages and would penalize other website administration needs.

So, I urgent suggest this improvements for Files browsing in ACP:

  • Bulk delete by checking the first line and auto choosing all lines behind;
  • The option the delete the attachment link on the related post to avoid broken attachments;
  • Setting for number of attachments to show per page.

Captura de Tela 2017-03-12 às 4.35.09 PM.png

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