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Commerce: Limit which currency can be used by gateways


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The title kinda says it all. I believe it will be useful if there is a selector in payment methods for which currency this method should be applicable. There is a valid reason that you may want to prevent customers from using certain payment method even if the currency is accepted by the gateway. 

Here is an example. Paypal accepts both USD and EURO, but with very high fees. My local gateway accepts only EURO, but at lower fee. I want to limit Paypal to USD and my gateway to EURO, so I am not forced to pay higher fee when the customer selects Paypal for EURO purchase. This way I can even include the fees in the pricing, for example the USD price will be higher as I will be forced to use Paypal. 

Basically I want to steer my customers to the payment method that is cheapest for me and consequently for them.  

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10 minutes ago, MADMAN32395 said:

So disable that currency on PayPal. And make sure the commerce listings are all in euro and not USD.

Iirc PayPal gave me an option to block all currency except USD (or what ever currency I wished)

I need to disable the currency in Commerce, not in Paypal. If I have the paypal option available for EURO in Commerce and then the sale is rejected by Paypal it will be a huge inconvenience to customers and in all probability will result in lost sales. 

Becides, I do want to use both USD and EURO, I just want to use different payment gateways for them. 

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