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Responsive Design Screen Reflow Issue (With Video)


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Hi Guys - I'm having issues with my site that are related to what I believe is called a screen reflow issue. As you can see in the video, the body of the page loads at one size, then adjusts to a larger size. This is really annoying. 


I believe the problem is caused by this:

I have advertising blocks that are only displayed to certain groups of users. When these users log in, the resizing issue doesn't happen because the body is at the correct size to show the blocks on the right side. However, when a different user group member logs in, he isn't shown the blocks because he's not in the specific group, but the body of the page loads in the size of the group who sees the blocks before loading in the correct size. 

It's like the page doesn't know this user isn't supposed to see the blocks until after the size has been determined. 

This happens in both my theme and the default theme. And, I've tried loading javascript in the head or body without a difference. 

Please help resolve this issue. I'd love the page to load in the correct size without this reflow.



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I just created a cloud demo IPS site and reproduced the issue. Here is a video of it. This should eliminate my site as the cause. Could is be all my browsers and computer?


iMac 5K, macOS, safari, firefox, opera, and chrome

PC, windows 10, Edge browser.

All show the issue.



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