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Issue with Activity Stream

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I have a problem where Activity Stream is not showing "everything".

My Activity Stream (I do most of my browsing through my Activity Stream) does not show any of the Admin posts - I haven't investigated to know if it effects other sub-forums. But it is important to me that these come up so I can keep on top of Admin posts for obvious reasons.

Currently the only way I know if there has been any posts in the admin section is if I go to the front page and scroll down to the Admin Sub-forum..

Everything has been selected so nothing should be filtered out. .

I've taken snip shots of them.

This is my an admin panel view with an unread post in it from 5 minutes ago.



vs my activity stream view that goes back nearly half an hour (snip shot about 1 minute after the admin view) but it clearly does not show any Admin Post (I also have all of the filters set to "everything")



Do I have a setting wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, Uemmi said:

Hi there,
could you get a solution?
It seems I have a similar one. I have some password protected categories and subforums, and posts in there do not show in the activity stream.

Thank you,
best regards

I've moved your post (well, the complete topic) into Peer to Peer support as the topic subject is not really a 'guidance' issue as such.

I would recommend though if you're having issues with this it may be prudent to simply submit a support ticket request in the Client Area so a technician can advise you. :)

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