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"Page" button in CKEditor, is it supposed to work?


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So one of the default buttons available in the CKEditor is called "Page" which is supposed to let you pseudo-paginate content (or so it seems). In ips.core.articlePages.js it describes it as "turns content using the page bbcode into paginated content". However it doesn't seem to do anything except just insert a <hr> element, even when used on content in the Pages app.

I DO notice, however, that if I enter a new article like this:

[ page]This is page 1[ /page]
[ page]This is page 2[ /page]
[ page]This is page 3[ /page]
Then it works. Of course after that if I edit it again the bbcode is gone and replaced with magic <hr> tags, and if I use the button to try and add even more, things start getting really screwed up with multiple next / previous page buttons and content not displaying properly.

Is this a known issue? I guess I can always edit the HTML of the article to make it work more or less properly, but that seems to be missing the point.

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