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Chase Simonis

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Hey there,

I re-launched a community that was used to using vBulletin. Obviously we did it with IPB and I am super thankful to have done so. However, my user base are complaining en masse that they do not have similar reputation features like "Rep Power" (the higher your reputation rank is, each time you upvote or down vote someone's reputation, instead of just doing a -1 or +1, it does -10 or +10 depending on their rank) and "Rep Comments" where people can comment on a post after giving their rep so the user receiving rep can respond to criticism appropriately. 

I suspect that we have to create our own custom plug-in in order to gain this functionality, unless of course the community here already knows of such a plug-in or any other recommendations. So with all that being said, please help.

Edit: Basically I am looking for this - http://www.seopedia.org/programming-and-gadgets/invision-user-reputation-system-mod/ | 

But for the current version. 

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Though I didn't understand very well how your reputation system works, you could have a look at this.

Rules application handles very well the reputation system. You can add ,remove etc. in very different conditions. You set your own rules.
You can create your own reputation system using too through "custom data fields" if you want to avoid the IPS reputation system. That might give you a little more of control.

You can control how reputation is given using conditions. Add, remove, etc.
It's also possible that with the flexibility of the system, you improve your old reputation system with more options you never thought about it. 

Rules can be a little intimidating at the begining, but it's not that complicated when you get used to that.



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