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Prevent URL links to specific Websites


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HI All,

I've been searching for a widget with no luck, and I think I saw something one day but I forgot to bookmark it. >_<

Anyway, my problem is that while my Community continues to grow in popularity and members, I'm facing a serious problem.
Since we are one of those communities that deal with forbidden content for Google Ads, all SEO must be natural and backlinks count.  Nobody links me, but I have far to many links to other websites.  When  I was a small community I didn't care, but now that I have more and more content, I think it's time to prevent users from adding urls of direct competitors. So far this moderation is being made manual and I'm exhausted.

I think I saw a widget that blocked specific URLS, but I can't find it.  Maybe they removed.

Do you know a way to prevent users from posting specific URLS, for example:    urllink1.com urlink2.com urlink3.com   

Thank you.

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Eventually I tried to allow all links apart from the links specified, because we need to use the url for pictures. some people use them.
It works for seo, I guess.

However, this option only removes the html, but it does not remove the words. Users can still copy and paste the link in the browser, I would need an option that removes the url and replaces for something else like  "url not allowed, please read the TOS for external URL links". 


Thanks for the help.

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Yes, it worked. Thank you very much.

Though, it would be nice if IPS added a "excluded forum" option to be more accurate when filtering words because some forums might have an adult section. right ?
I know, I know  "I'm picky" :sweat:

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