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Is MySQL 5.5 okay for 4.1.x?


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I ask this because I'm being told by IPS support that they "can use 5.5, it doesn't support innodb fulltext search, in which is recommended" while trying to upgrade.

They want to know if I would like to continue stating that they can or I can update to 5.6 which is preferred. Well I use GD as a host and they only support 5.5.


I guess I will lose the "innodb fulltext search" without having 5.6. I'm not sure what that is. Live search? If so...is it that big of a deal? I know I like it in my ACP.


Am seriously considering switching hosts. Not sure who/when though because it's been a couple weeks now and the members need the site back up. Small board...1200+ members.

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As mentioned in your ticket, we recommend 5.6+ for full text search innodb support, you can use 5.5 and myisam though, it's your choice. Innodb provides better performance over myisam. Live search is unrelated in this case though in your acp. If your host only supports 5.5, then yes moving to a provider who can provide you with current versions of supported software is always a great idea. 

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