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Delete user :(

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You could make a new account and have the sql database edited to point to the new user account, it can be done but I'm not totally sure myself on how to do it and you may need the old member ID. I'm sure someone here can show you or point you in the right direction.

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17 hours ago, Photo Club Paris said:


I made a mistake, i have delete user :)

Now my user Paul it's view by "Paul Guest", it's possible to create a new count Paul and attribut all message, and subject from "Paul Guest" ?

Thank Stephane


You can exceute a few sql queries to do that. For example, to attribute all posts you need this query:

UPDATE forums_posts SET author_id='new_id, author_name='new_name' WHERE author_name='old_name';

To attribute all topics you need this query:

UPDATE forums_topics SET starter_id='new_id', starter_name='new_ame' WHERE starter_name='ol_name';

To update the last poster name as well you need this sql query:

UPDATE forums_topics SET last_poster_id='new_id', last_poster_name='new_name' WHERE last_poster_name='old_name';

Replace new_id and new_name with the id and name of the newly created account, and old_name with the name used by the deleted user.

But first of all make a backup of your database before you run the sql queries. I hope this will help.

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