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Profile Customizations Possible


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So just upgraded to 4 and am "fixing" all the weird little things that changed to get the site more "similar" to what it looked like in 3.4.

I noticed lots of opportunity to custom the look, blocks, pages etc but not the same sort of ability on profiles.

Our profiles used to have all the grouped fields as the main chunk of the screen because we are a gaming forum so the profile has abilities and history etc etc. so lots of information. On 4 this is all on the left bar under the profile pick in a narrow bar - is it possible to move that to the center where the About Me and Files tabs are??? This way it makes the profile scroll forever!


Any insight on how to edit would be greatly appreciated!!

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Perhaps the fields of the profile could all be in an additional tab rather than squeezed into the side bar?

Just would like to get it wider so that the sections where people put a bunch of paragraphs isn't so squished that the page scrolls forever.


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