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I can't actually DELETE a Pages folder????


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I confess I'm rather shocked.  I'm in my Pages menu and want to delete an entire folder - I don't want to empty it (i.e. move the pages elsewhere), I want to toast the entire thing.

There seems to be no way to do this - I can delete individual pages in a folder, but cannot delete a folder.

Are you kidding me??

EDIT: Ok, figured it out - Empty actually deletes the folder whilst asking you where you want to move the files to.  But this makes little sense - what if I want to empty all the pages in a folder (without clicking delete on each one, which is tedious to say the least if you have many pages) while keeping the folder itself?  Shouldn't we have an Empty and a Delete option, since they aren't the same?

I also notice that with Block categories there is "delete" - perhaps some uniformity would make matters clearer?

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