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Incredibly slow on certain tasks


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I've been having some problems lately and I was wondering if anyone had an idea why it happens.

- The leaderboard takes 30+ seconds to load and locks up posting whilst it loads (have had to turn this off completely)

- Splitting a few posts from a topic takes similar time, if I tried to split more posts such as 15 it would take even longer, over a minute.

- Deleting a topic isn't quick either.

I've been in contact with Invision and they said:


Hello Mark,  I have performed some tests here and I can duplicate this issue, however it's not only splitting posts, it's any query that isn't very small, deleting a topic for example results in the same issues. I would recommend that you have your server administrator review your servers performance and resources, perhaps enhancing your mysql configuration or checking it to ensure optimal performance and configuration. 

Then direct me to my hosts, who I've asked but none the wiser. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?

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