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Can anyone tell me what this is


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Hi Gerry. Large font as requested, you can always press CTRL and + in most browsers to enlarge the text though. :)


Generally this error means the mysql "user" does not have any permissions for the database. You need a 'database user' with permissions, this is not that different to setting up any application that needs a mysql database such as the IPS forum or any other app like a Wordpress Blog or suchlike.

If you go to Cpanel (or whatever control panel you have with your hosting) and look for "mysql database wizard" or similar (typically there will be something near the phpmyadmin icon, so look for that to start with) , if you're struggling to see use CTRL+F to 'find' that in your browser to save looking.

You should be able to give a "database user" permissions such as "create" "alter" etc, you may have to "assign" the user to the database too. Its best to use this 'wizard' to do it all if you can, including letting it create a database if you do not already have one (or if its empty)




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Thank you very much Andy that was a great help, now I have another problem mate and I would like to throw it out there as I am willng to pay.

Updating my board to PHP 7.1 because it keeps groaning at me when i upgrade the board the guestbook disappears altogether, I t works ok with 5.6 so is there any PHP experts out there who are willing to upgrade my guestbook, I know the first answer would be get a newer version but that's not possible as the writer of the script is no longer in business and my guestbook is heavely intergrated into my site colour wise and graphics wise, and now that I have lost my sight I cannot even attempt it.  This darned Narrator is starting to annoy me now so I am going to stop and wait for an answer.

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You're very welcome. :)

I'm not really sure what to say about the 'guestbook' , what is it called ? Is it one of the ones that you can choose to "auto install" via Fantastico (the built in 'app installer' inside some versions of Cpanel) ?

If you would rather not venture to say a third party coders site to find someone to do this, you could take a look here at the Providers List (click here)

I cannot say if any of the listed providers will be able to assist this is really outside 'IPS development work' as such however it would be worth asking a few of them at least to see if anyone is willing to do this. You'd need to at least in your initial contact PM tell them what software the 'guestbook' was and what version if you know. 

There's nothing to lose by asking. :)


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